Morning in the Life of a 3 year old.

When I started to document this, it was mostly for myself but I have noticed a popular question I receive is “what do you with him?” “what kinds of activities do you do?”
As a result, I have decided to share it.

My 3 year old begins his day by playing with his cars, even before breakfast has begun. While he eats,  they are meticulously arranged under his chair at the kitchen table waiting for him to finish.
However after breakfast, we read books. The Disney “Look and Find” books are some of our favorite as they are interactive and helps to engage the child meaningfully in the story.


Then we do some letter work. This book is one I have used with both of my older kids and I love it because the letters are wooden and the pages in the book are a thick cardboard. It is also very colorful, and has a game of “i spy” incorporated into the story. Children also begin learning the words as “sight words”.



We take a break and race cars on the wall track.


Then we stop and i listen to him serenade me on his sisters guitar.


After this, we play a game of “whac-a-mole”. I will admit that i initially didn’t understand this game as its one I didn’t grow up with but as I learned to play, it is an excellent game for improving listening. The entire concept of the game is based around listening to your own sound and hitting the mole when you hear the sound. The easier stage is merely about responding fast enough to the mole that lights up.

After a snack break, we work on our tracing, joining, matching and numbers in a book that i LOVE, it’s called “Play Time Learning” and it is a wipe clean book.


Yes, I know this is upside down– doesn’t seem to want to align properly at the moment  :/












At this point it is time to take a shower and have lunch.  After lunch, my toddler naps.



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