Brick by Brick

Barnes and Nobles is my husbands lunch time guilty pleasure. Sometimes he finds things I return, much to his disdain……but sometimes… i actually really like his finds. This one was a winner, we’ll be keeping it  🙂

He picked up “Brick by Brick” which is a logic game. It comes with 5 differently shaped bricks and 60 challenge cards. You have to assemble the blocks to match the pattern. It increases in intensity as the level goes up.

My 7 year old spent almost an hour working through the first 10 patterns.I have to say there were a few fights, only because he didn’t want to share with me!

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  1. Darlene D. says:

    Thanks for the tip! I love discovering new games.

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    1. You’re welcomed. This brand has a lot of logic games and they are great!


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