Afternoons with my girl…

Trying out purple hair chalk and painting hello kitty pictures with my girl.

She calls me mama and its tender yet demanding and to me, epitomizes the beauty of motherhood. I hope to never forget the way her big dark brown eyes stare into mine and her sometimes loud but always beautiful voice expresses all the things perfectly intertwined between her brilliant mind and her compassionate heart. She is my daughter and words would never suffice.

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  1. Such a heart-melting offering…your love is such a beautiful gift…and, you have a wonderful way with words! 🙂


    1. Thank you so much, such a kind sentiment from a great writer like yourself!

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      1. I am so sorry it took me so long…after a busy day at work, I somehow forgot to “visit” you….luckily I decided to re-read some of the comments and realized my oversight…you are so kind and patient 🙂

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      2. no worries, I’m just glad you visited for a bit today 🙂

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