Inside Edition: |Camping Essentials|

My children, like most, love the outdoors and have asked us on numerous occasions to go camping. Over the years something always seemed to prevent us from doing so, but we have always been generous in allowing camping in the living room, toy room and most recently they asked to pitch a tent in one of their bedrooms. I obliged, much to their delight. If you’re reading this and you actually go camping in the great wilderness, you probably think we’re crazy…I promise you we will take them camping for “real” one day!

Anyway, when it was time to pack it up and go back to regular sleeping and play arrangements, it was interesting to see what they had stored in their tent aside from the blankets and pillows, i guess we can call it the kids version of indoor camping essentials.

I asked them the purpose of each item and will share their responses below:

because you still need to challenge your brain when camping
incase our phones don’t work.
you have to read a little bit everyday!
in case you don’t feel like reading, you can listen to stories instead.
it gets really dark and you need lights…also, these are fun for making shadows.

you have to be able to tell when its time to pray.
you might not have water so hand sanitizer is necessary.

my 3 year HAD to have these cars because “i love them mama”
in case you get lost, you can blow a whistle
for when you get thirsty.
if you get scared, you can use these and they make stars on the tent which is cool.

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