Dollar Tree Haul!

Finding activities can be both time consuming and expensive. I stopped by our local dollar store and was surprised and pleased with the selection of activities they offered. Everything was $1 a piece


These occupied my 3 year old for about 45 minutes as he decorated the scene and he had such a sense of accomplishment with the finished product!


Finished product!


These are much more fun that I had initially imagined. Each side comes in the form of a cardboard that you need to cut out. It has dotted lines showing how the sides need to be prefolded and includes ideas to decorate it before gluing them all together.
Fun activity for practicing and reinforcing time.
The disney characters are enticing for my 5 year old and she wants to complete the entire book at once.
These are durable and great for self made banners.
Fun when travelling, going out or even for rainy days when you’re running out of things to do.
This might be my favorite activity. It teaches kids about recycling and comes with different cardboard bins and stickers of different items that you need to sort into the correct bins. Its engaging and demonstrates the concept of recycling.


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