School in the Grocery Store

Do you ever wake up and not want to do school?

Common question I get from parents wanting to test out this homeschool territory….and the answer is yes, absolutely.

So what do you do then?

Some days we push through and get it done. Other times I try to accomplish something else I need done and then we approach the day’s school work. More often than not, whenever these days arise, I head to the grocery store….recently; I feel that we accomplish more “real life school” in the grocery store than anywhere else.

Here’s how:

1) We categorize items: dairy, produce, etc

2) We do addition and subtraction using the actual prices of items.

3) I give them a certain dollar amount and as we peruse the grocery store, they have to do the math and figure out which items they can actually get with what I’ve given them.

4) I do random spelling lessons using the labels and food items we purchase

5) They sort things in alphabetical order

6) They sort things in ascending/descending order based on the price

7) If there’s no one in line behind me they can count the change I need and give it to the cashier.

8) We just started doing more in depth lessons on time so we have been using the stopwatch feature to find out how many minutes it takes to go down a certain aisle. Which aisle we took the longest in, which one we took the shortest in, etc

9) They calculate the time we spend at the grocery store.

10) practice measurements by weighing objects.

11) We had a lesson in organic vs inorganic food items a few days ago.

12) They notice that certain things come from different states and countries and often, the kids would come home and find them on the map or read about the states.

Those are some of the common ways that we do “school” in the grocery store. It might not be conventional but we actually really enjoy it. Whenever we are headed out, they always have their notebooks and pencils handy and ready to go. Whether you home-school or not I think its important to incorporate concepts learnt into real life situations.

The old adage which suggests that we learn more from outside the classroom than inside the classroom might very well be true.


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  1. Jes2G says:

    Great idea!

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  2. Nicole says:

    Superb idea! Never ever looked at a grocery store in this light before;)

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    1. It’s amazing how much lessons can actually be reinforced inside a grocery store. Hope you are able to utilize some 🙂

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      1. Nicole says:

        Right now I just keep my lil toddler occupied in his stroller when in any store lol. But definitely useful tips for when he’s older!


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